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Hess AG rely on Frensch Lights

Swiss bus manufacturer HESS AG (www.hess-ag.ch), one of the market leaders in the field of bus and electrical mobility, relies on the energy-saving LED technology from Frensch. The continuous lighting strip in the passenger compartment is equipped with our F-50 PCB. Thanks to its modular construction,

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The new F-40 Profilesytems-Light

Consistent, continual development in respect of profile system lights is the new F-40 from Frensch. It is a real demon when it comes to providing light. Equipped with mighty lighting power coupled with its smart design, it is the ideal light for a wide variety of applications. Be it as a workstation light or to light a whole room, it brings light ...

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New Decorative ring for the F-19 Mini

The Quattro decorative ring is now also available for our new F-19 Mini. This elegant LED spot delights with its high lighting output and homogenous illumination. Thanks to its dimensions of 74 x 74 mm, which is small for a mounted LED halogen spot, it is the perfect light for small spaces. Please see the product information page for further information.

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