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Frensch Ratingen 1963


When the Frensch company was founded in Ratingen forty-five years ago in 1963, and the founder, Wilfried Frensch, first of all turned his attention towards the manufacture and distribution of charging systems in the heating industry sector, it was impossible to foresee what an enormous development was going to begin in electronics. The company started to grow soundly, but was consciously kept to the size of a manageable production site to remain capable of responding flexibly to all demands. Despite the market position it has reached today as one of the leading European specialists in mobile lighting technology, the characteristic “good spirit” has remained until today at FRENSCHLIGHTING. Although state-of-the-art high tech production and global sales mark the company’s day-to-day business, skilled crafting, inventiveness and personality are still the central focus at FRENSCHLIGHTING. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.