NEW ECO-Series

Be it in trailers or automobile interiors – good light is a requirement everywhere.  It is for this reason that Frensch continually adds to its range LED vehicle lights developed especially for the field of vehicle construction.
The new LED surface-mounted light from the ECO range is now available. It is an LED light which comes in three different designs and fixtures. All three variants boast the latest LED technology and have an EMC-certified multi-volt switching circuit (10-30V). The lights also offer high system efficiency, at the same time providing a homogenous, non-dazzling light distribution and a high degree of colour reproduction. The lights are available with or without a back-lit three-phase DimTouchSensor or motion sensor. Moreover, all lights are waterproof in accordance with IP67, making them weatherproof.

Here it goes directly to the lights: ECO 9101 - ECO 9102 - ECO 9103

ECO 9103 mit Bewegungssensor ECO 9102 mit DimTouchSensor ECO 9101 mit DimTouchSensor


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