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That’s how we are: Frensch close-up.

Who are we really? Do our customers and suppliers really know who we are? We have asked ourselves that question. The outcome is a fantastic film which shows where and how we do our very best to meet the increasing requirements of our customers. Allow us to carry you off to the Frensch World of Lighting.

Tervis Zertifikat

Electronics are to be found everywhere today and they have become part of our lives in many different ways. The more modern and innovative the technology, the greater is the benefit on the one hand and the more important it is for it to function perfectly. This applies in particular to lighting and control technology. It is also why we at Frensch use only high quality components.

All our lights and ballasts are manufactured in compliance with strict quality and safety standards and meet all the required European and international regulations.

Irrespective of whether xenon, luminophore or LED technology is required, Frensch supplies you with the best solution for your requirements. We started having these quality and safety standards certified as early as in 1999.