LED Aufbauleuchte F-110 Verbinder

F-110 LED Light Connector


F-110 LED Light Connector: Seamless Integration for Light Band Installations

The F-110 Verbinder is an essential accessory that allows you to seamlessly connect multiple F-110 lights and create a continuous light band. This solution is not only aesthetically pleasing but also remarkably easy to install. The lights are aligned flush with each other, and the Verbinder effortlessly clicks into place.

The F-110 Verbinder streamlines the installation of light bands, whether for decorative or functional lighting purposes. With this accessory, you can effortlessly daisy-chain your lights and ensure a consistent light distribution. Enhance your lighting solution today with the F-110 Verbinder.


For connecting the F-110 LED to a light band
With structure of the lamp

Exclusively for commercial customers

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