LED Profilsystem F-110 2-er Modul
LED Profilsystem F-110 3-er Modul
LED Profilsystem F-110 Modul ohne Abdeckung
LED Profilsystem F-110 Modul Verkabelung
LED Profilsystem F-110 Modul mit Abdeckung
LED Profilsystem F-110 Lichtverteilung

F-110 LED

Discover the technically advanced F-110 LED, a powerful and versatile lighting solution that emits an impressive 1500 to 4,500 lumens. Its robust aluminum extruded profile construction and fully encapsulated optics give the F-110 exceptional durability and resilience to withstand demanding requirements.

The slim design of the F-110 allows for space-saving installation and lends it an aesthetically pleasing appearance that seamlessly blends into any environment. The F-110 is the ideal choice for yachts, boats, and maritime applications as it produces pleasant, bright light and ensures optimal illumination.

With its waterproof IP67 protection class, the F-110 is excellently shielded against dust and temporary immersion in water. This certification ensures the F-110 operates reliably even under harsh conditions while maintaining its performance.

In addition to its application in yachts, boats, and maritime environments, the F-110 is also excellently suited for use in truck conversions. Its high luminosity and robustness make it the perfect choice for demanding lighting scenarios in vehicles.

You can choose from three different lengths and the light colors cold and neutral white. The F-110 is available in lengths of 252 mm (14 watts), 434 mm (28 watts), and 631 mm (41 watts), and with the optionally available connector, light strips can be effortlessly installed on the ceiling. Please note that the waterproof connecting cable must be ordered separately.


Very high light output
Available in three different lengths
12 oder 24 Volt
Neutral or cold white light available
Can be extended as a light band with optional connector

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Exclusively for commercial customers

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SKU Length (mm) Light colour Voltage
1308 422 cool white 12V Add to watchlist
1309 422 cool white 24V Add to watchlist
1310 422 neutral white 12V Add to watchlist
1311 422 neutral white 24V Add to watchlist
1315 593 cool white 12V Add to watchlist
1316 593 cool white 24V Add to watchlist
1317 593 neutral white 12V Add to watchlist
1318 593 neutral white 24V Add to watchlist
1300 252 cool white 12V Add to watchlist
1301 252 cool white 24V Add to watchlist
1302 252 neutral white 12V Add to watchlist
1303 252 neutral white 24V Add to watchlist
Additional information
  • Length (mm)


  • Weight (grams)

    370, 650, 950

  • Light colour

    cool white, neutral white

  • Shape


  • Design

    Surface-mounted lighting fixture

  • Power (watts)

    14, 28, 41

  • Lumen

    ca. 1.500, ca. 3.000, ca. 4.500

  • temperature range

    -30° – +60°

  • Switch


  • Voltage range

    11,6 – 16 V, 22 – 28 V

  • Protection class


  • CRI


  • Lifetime

    L70 / 50.000 Std.

  • Dimmable


  • Night light


  • Material housing

    Anodised aluminum/PC

  • Connection cable


  • CE Certified


  • Installation method


  • Width (mm)


  • Height (mm)


  • Made in Germany


  • Voltage

    12V, 24V