Safety and productivity are the prerequisites of good work. Fog, rain or darkness however make it difficult to work safely and effectively. LED working lights by FRENSCH consistently secure the quality of professional work. Our multifaceted stock offers various LED work lights including the types WL-Serie, WL-6161, WL-6053 and WL-6802.  All of them are flexible and meet the highest quality standards. Especially in agricultural areas, working lights have to be steadyfast regarding rapidly alternating weather conditions and high load. Extraordinary resistance is thus an important requirement for these types of lights.   


For example, the LED work light WL-6161 stands out, because you can decide whether you need the light with a switch or not. Thus, you can handle the work light variously. Simultaneously, the WL-6161 is approved as a reversing spotlight. This type of work light is therefore especially created for mounting on a vehicle as it ensures steady lighting conditions.


To adjust quickly to rapidly changing lighting conditions, the model W-6053 is  two-stage dimmable. If you would like to light up your work space in a brighter manner, the work light WL-6802 with 80 watts and 4500 lumens is the right choice.

Especially the easy way to mount the work lights on a vehicle and the compact design make LED worklights by FRENSCH attractive for many areas of application, for example for agricultural machines, trailers, trucks and vans.

  • For easy mounting on a vehicle
  • Compact design
  • Waterproof
  • Highest safety standards