F-19 Mini LED

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F-19 Mini stands for a lot of power in a small space. Their place of use are ceilings with a low space requirement. Equipped with the same precision optics, it also ensures a very harmonious illumination.


– 20 mm installation depth, ideal for low ceilings with little installation depth;
– Homogeneous illumination thanks to patented optics
– Dimmable via external PWM signal
– Economical 3 watts

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Additional information
  • Light colour

    blue, blue, cool white, cool white, red, red, warm white, warm white

  • Night light

    blue, blue, green, green, no, no, red, red

  • Shape

    round, round

  • Design

    Recessed lighting fixture, Recessed lighting fixture

  • Power (watts)

    3, 3

  • Lumen

    200, 200

  • Switch

    no, no

  • Protection class

    IP50, IP50

  • CRI

    >80, >80

  • Lifetime

    L70 / 50.000 Std., L70 / 50.000 Std.

  • Dimmable

    no, no, Signaldim, Signaldim

  • Material housing

    Polycabonat, Polycabonat

  • CE Certified

    yes, yes

  • Installation method

    Screws, Screws

  • Diameter (mm)

    75, 75

  • Mounting depth (mm)

    12, 12

  • Mounting diameter (mm)

    48, 48

  • Weight (grams)

    60, 60

  • Made in Germany

    Ja, Ja

  • Voltage

    10-30 Volt/DC, 10-30 Volt/DC