LED Fahrzeug Innenleuchte ECO9101
LED Innenleuchte ECO 9103
LED Aufbauleuchte mit Bewegungsmelder ECO9102 MD
ECO9101 Zeichnung
ECO9103 Zeichnung
ECO9102 Zeichnung

ECO Serie


The Frensch ECO Series provides an efficient LED lighting solution for the automotive industry. This luminaire is available in white and can be equipped with a dimmable touch sensor or a motion detector. Choose between round or square designs to meet your specific requirements.

Efficient LED Technology: Our LED lighting is energy-efficient and long-lasting, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Individual Controls: With the dimmable touch sensor, the luminaire can be dimmed in three steps, while the motion detector ensures automatic on/off functionality. For the ECO9103, there is even a master-slave circuit that allows you to install only one luminaire with a motion detector, which controls the other luminaires.

Versatile Design: The choice between round and square shapes allows for flexible integration into various vehicle types.

Robust and Reliable: Thanks to its IP67 rating, the Frensch ECO Series is designed for the demanding conditions of the automotive industry and impresses with its durability.

Easy Installation: Installation is done using screws, which are then concealed by the cover.

The Frensch ECO Series efficiently and reliably enhances vehicle lighting. With modern LED technology and customizable features, it’s the ideal choice for the automotive industry. Contact us for more information and order the Frensch ECO Series today.


+  Multivolt circuit 10-30V
+  EMC certified according to automotive standard ECE 10R05
+  Homogeneous, glare-free light distribution
+  Waterproof according to IP67

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SKU Switch Dimmable Shape Length (mm)
0232 MotionDetector no round 130 Add to watchlist
0231 DimTouch Sensor yes round 130 Add to watchlist
0230 no no round 130 Add to watchlist
0237 DimTouch Sensor yes angular 187 Add to watchlist
0238 MotionDetector no angular 187 Add to watchlist
0236 no no angular 187 Add to watchlist
0233 no no angular 137 Add to watchlist
0235 MotionDetector no angular 137 Add to watchlist
0234 DimTouch Sensor yes angular 137 Add to watchlist
Additional information
  • Power (watts)

    12, 6, 9

  • Switch

    DimTouch Sensor, MotionDetector, no

  • Dimmable

    no, yes

  • Height (mm)


  • Weight (grams)

    215, 285, 325

  • Shape

    angular, round

  • Design

    Surface-mounted lighting fixture

  • CRI


  • Night light


  • Housing colour


  • Material housing


  • CE Certified


  • Installation method


  • Made in Germany


  • Voltage

    10-30 Volt/DC

  • Light colour

    neutral white

  • Lumen

    400, 600, 800

  • Length (mm)

    130, 137, 187

ECO-9103 round Datasheet
ECO-9102 small light Datasheet
ECO-9101 long light Datasheet